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Each work is part of a larger series entitled 'Pages'. They are created using reclaimed book covers, dating back as far as 1900. The names of the works relate to the date they were published and the date they were framed. With his intuitive markings reflecting movement, the Scottish based artist creates a visual documentation of time.


Page 25

1935 - 2021

24 x 16 cm

Oil on reclaimed book cover


Page 37

1945 - 2021

30 x 23 cm

Oil on reclaimed book cover


Page 38

1948 - 2021

24 x 16 cm

Oil on reclaimed book cover

Rahimian has previously exhibited at notable galleries in Edinburgh, London, France, Milan, Los Angeles and Chicago. This is Rahimian's first time exhibiting in Denmark.


Arran Rahimian in his studio

"The exciting part about each of these works is the physical journey that has taken place before I have worked on them. The movement and marks that have been made as each book moves from owner to owner and shelf to shelf. Documenting time and the unpredictability of chance plays a huge part of my process and making. I am fascinated by marks and how colour is composed naturally over time."

Rahimian was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1991 where he currently lives and works.

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