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Charlotte Walentin (Sweden) is showing three works at Galleri Kai:

Blue (8) (2021),

Blue (9) (2021) and

Fold (2) (2018).

Her works are in public collections including Public Art Agency Sweden, Malmö Art Museum, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Stockholm Regional Council, as well as private collections in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain and USA. Walentin lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. In 1999 she graduated with a Master’s degree from the Malmö Art Academy.


"It began with ideas about the word
“blue” both as a title and a concept.
I wanted to work with layers of blue
cloth that gravity pulls down to the
floor. Blue is an ongoing series of
works that are all slightly differently
depending on the type and width
of the canvas I use, how it falls and
drapes itself in the folding. Because
the piece of canvas is too long to fit
in my studio, I paint it in segments,
with only some of the fabric rolled out, which means I can never foresee the finished result in its entirety."


Blue (9), 2021
Ink on canvas
90 × 38 × 8 cm


"I often use a clear form or structure in order to establish a kind of boundary where I want to find that vibrant place which can emerge when a material or conceptual boundary is tested and questioned. Interrogation of the surface as boundary or dividing line has for a long time been a key preoccupation in my work. I explore different ways to subvert its authority by undermining its hierarchic order
between such concepts as front/back, inside/outside and surface/depth.
As regards obscured layers, my work
often focuses on how an object can
block out another one (just like an
idea can obscure another idea); in a
broader sense, how the world shows
us complex layers or structures rather
than discrete things or phenomena."


Blue (8), 2021
Ink on canvas
82 × 40 × 8 cm


Fold (2), 2018
Ink, canvas, eyelets
155 × 155 cm

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