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35” x 14” x 15”

Ghost Chair is part of an upcoming series of sculpural objects. 

Fertik cultivates a material language that acts as an interface between the known world and something beneath the surface. This piece are both an abstraction and a very real experiment with familiar form.

Maxwell Fertik was born in Providence, Rhode Island, USA where he now lives and studies at Rhode Island School of Design. He studied Art History and Sculpture at Trinity College in Cambridge and attended Elisava School of Design in Barcelona. Following university, he pursued an apprenticeship in the studio of FOS in Copenhagen.


Maxwell Fertik has held solo exhibitions at the Watkinson Archive (2020) and CCAN Gallery (2019) and was notably published in Kunstkammer: Princeton University Undergraduate Journal of Art (2019). In 2020, he curated an exhibition called un/comforts at Machines with Magnets Gallery. Recent awards and prizes include the Esther and Lloyd Cooper Prize in Fine Arts (2019), Jacqueline Caples Prize in Sculpture (2019), the Watkinson Creative Fellowship (2020) and most recently, a graduate fellowship to attend the Rhode Island School of Design.

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